Membership program


At RMHTC, our aim is to provide the platform and services for our members to have consistent dialogues, discussions and maximum exposure with the Malaysian tech industry experts and professionals to build effective connection and relationships.

Enjoy our early LIMITED EARLY BIRD OFFER from only just $ 65 a month


General Membership $ 65 а month

Limited Offer included:

Virtual Office

Have your very own business address in Malaysia and enjoy our mail handling services

Feel at home every time you are in Malaysia with free access to the Business Lounge and the Coworking space at RMHTC

Be part of our networking events. Inviting distinguished guests including all of our partners and members to have fruitful discussions on various topics

We will continuously work hard in finding companies and organizations that suits your requirements and bridge the connection

Our team will organize a presentations/webinars for you to do «your pitch». We will ensure only relevant companies and individuals to attend your presentation

We will provide regular updates on our research and findings in Malaysia

Product display from $ 300 per month, subject to availability

Get your very own display corner where you can showcase your products

Private room from $ 500 per month, subject to availability

Furnished office starting from 45 sqf. window facing; comfortable for 2 pax

Member Registration

Enjoy our early LIMITED EARLY BIRD OFFER from only $65/month

Country Code + Mobile Number

All membership will be subject to 2 months advance payment